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Beautiful models representing brands, fame and money are the first things that come to mind when we think about modelling. In India, there a lot of female models who are known for their commanding presence on both ramp and print. But with change in trend and lifestyle, men’s grooming, wellness and style, the opportunities for male modelling also has increased tremendously in the recent times.

If you have that confidence and self-assurance in yourself to become one of the top models, here are some tips;

Getting modelling jobs in the first go should not be your aim to set your modelling career. Try to know the modelling world and collect information about the same as much as you can. Many people use modelling as a medium to enter the film industry, but some still prefer doing ramp and print work. So, before you step in to this crazy world, do your research and select the kind of modelling you are interested in.

Having chiselled, clean-cut look and dapper charm are not the basic requirements to need to get modelling jobs. There are other basic industry standards as well according to which a model is being judged. Try to work on your personality and meet the requirements before dreaming about being a successful model.

Having some experience and exposure will help you in getting modelling jobs. So, before the final show, try to gain some knowledge and experience in your field. There are so many talent hunts and reality shows which focus only on models, participate in these kind of shows and know your capabilities.

The best way to get modelling jobs is through an agent from the industry. You need to find some reputed modelling agency which can help you in making your dreams come true! There are so many agencies working for models, you need to be really careful while choosing one.

Apart from having an agent to look out for modelling jobs for you, another important thing you need to have is a stunning portfolio which you can send to brands, agencies and casting agents. You can try to have one digital portfolio as well which is easy to make and share. With over 20,000 models, India’s leading talent-hiring portal, talentrack not only gives you a platform to create a portfolio, but it also allows you to apply for jobs too. It’s an easy way to find and apply for modelling jobs.

Getting modelling jobs might be a daunting task as you will not get to endorse big brands during the initial stage of your career. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get opportunities to showcase your talent, all you need to have is perseverance and will to work hard to make your dream a successful one!

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