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Best Practices for Artists on Casting Platforms
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Best Practices for Artists on Casting Platforms & Some Myth-Busters

The convenience of Online Casting Platforms not only saves us vital hours searching for suitable auditions and opportunities but also helps us enhance our reach & exposure in the industry. However, it’s unfortunately not left away from the prying eyes of unethical elements sitting in the ambush for a big fat meal.

With a little caution, artists can make the most of the casting platforms and safely find excellent audition opportunities.

Here are some guidelines you must follow while looking for opportunities on casting platforms.

Be more proactive

Be the mascot of your safety, as there can be certain anti-social elements trying to bait the artists through attractive casting opportunities. Always request the recruiters to share their registered IDs and ascertain they have an active & verified account on the platform.

Stalk. The right way!

While stalking people for unethical reasons is a straight no-no, running a fair background check should never be a second thought. Feel free to investigate your recruiter’s authenticity by going through their social media handles and official website to verify their genuineness. Leading online casting platforms like Talentrack allows artists to dig into their recruiter’s project history, adding to their peace of mind.

Money saved is money earned. Quite literally!

And it’s a bonus when saved from the fraud minters out there! Talentrack strongly urges artists never to entertain anyone demanding money for Artist Card, Audition Fee, Processing Fee, Travel Expenses etc.

Choose your commitments wisely

Always keep communications recorded. Ensure documented trails from an official email address from a recruiter if they claim to be representing a known production house or agency. Never enter into any agreement with any recruiter if you’re unsure about the authenticity of their projects.

Raise your voice for the change

Ignorance is never a permanent fix! Be the voice of change for a better and safer experience on a casting platform. If you feel suspicious of any recruiter, report and escalate your matters to the respective casting platform and help them identify the elements of concern. If you are using Talentrack, you can escalate your concerns at

One must be intensely cautious about their safety and refrain from visiting unfamiliar locations for auditions or shoots unless they’re sure about the authenticity & credibility of the recruiter. Save these tips for a hassle-free surfing experience. All the best!

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