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Nat Geo is celebrating International Women’s Day by bringing you the inspiring story of an all-women crew of Indian Navy who went on a circumnavigation expedition of the globe. Under the initiative – Navika Sagar Parikrama, six women officers of Indian Navy volunteered to be trained and sail indigenous INSV Tarini from INS Mandovi, Goa on a 254-day long journey covering 21,600 nautical miles. The documentary follows the crew on their adventure and showcases the challenges of a mission facing rough seas, high-wind storms and the reigning spirit of the crew. The clips from the on-board cameras and interviews with the team have added breathtaking accounts of the emotions and how they learnt to conquer their fears.

The documentary will be released on 8th March 2018 on National Geographic channel and Hotstar. To honour and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments and determination of women across the country, National Geographic India has announced #GirlsWhoSailed campaign. As part of the series, NatGeo will be releasing more inspiring stories of women achievers in India.

Photo: National Geographic

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