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How to become an actor in Bollywood
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How to become an actorIt’s true that the road to Bollywood is not for the faint-hearted. The competition is fierce and aspirants are seen giving up on their dreams very easily. But opportunities are rapidly growing in the industry. So, if you have genuine talent and determination to pursue your dream, you too have a fairly good chance of succeeding in Bollywood.

Training goes a long way

In an industry where most of its leading stars have no or very little formal training, the importance of joining a professional institution is often undermined. Modern actors are supposed to have a variety of skills which is difficult to gain without expert guidance and discipline. There are several reputed institutions in the country that can groom your skills and propel your career. Some of the most popular names are – Film and Television Institute of India, National School of Drama, Actor Prepares, Whistling Woods International & Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab.

Modelling helps and pays too

Modelling has been a stepping stone for numerous successful Bollywood actors and the trend continues. Who doesn’t love to see their face on city’s massive billboards or be a part of an iconic TV ad. These are the kind of things that can rise you popularity instantly and get you noticed by the casting directors. You should get a professional portfolio ready and start looking for opportunities with brands and advertising agencies. With a little bit of luck and a few right breaks, you can land your dream Bollywood project just by the exposure you get through your modelling assignments.

Show up at auditions

You need to find trusted sources  of casting notices and show up for auditions. There are online platforms that allow you to get audition alerts conveniently and apply for the auditions through apps. This saves you valuable time and effort. You should check out the open audition opportunities on Talentrack.

Socialise and network

Connections always play an important role and can help you find good opportunities if you move in the right circles. The debate on nepotism in the film industry is far from settled so a little help along the way from people who can vouch for your talent can do wonders for you. There are hangout places for actors where you can find like-minded people and industry insiders. As we all know that luck can play a considerable role in the kind of breaks an actor gets so you should be open to making as many friends as possible.

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