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Launching Realme Narzo 50 with Amazon
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To add Narzo 50 to the consideration set of Realme’s core audience (GenZ), Talentrack in collaboration with Magnon Group launched the smartphone with an original rap music video, a professional UGC campaign, and a comprehensive media plan.

The uplifting lyrics and electrifying performance by Arivu and Raga, accompanied by breath-taking visuals, enabled the GenZ to express the “real me” within them. The video was released in vernacular languages such as Hindi and Tamil to mirror the audience base for the campaign.

The team also launched #BeatThatChallenge social campaign and invited influencers and content creators to participate, thereby, amplifying the reach and impact of the music video.


– 11x increase in views compared to the previous launch

– 3x boost in sales from the previous launch

– No. 1 Amazon Bestseller in the electronic category

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