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Sarah-Jane Dias: I would love to be a certified fitness coach
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Sarah-Jane DiasIn a quick chat with Talentown, former Miss India & Actor, Sarah-Jane Dias talks about her beginning in the glam business and her aspiration to become a certified fitness coach.

How was your experience of winning Femina Miss India and subsequently representing India on the stage of Miss World?

It was a childhood dream come true. The journey of winning the Femina Miss India title was an amazing experience from beginning to the finale. I was feeling great honour representing India on an international stage of Miss World 2007.

Which was your first major break in the industry that kick-started your career?

I was first discovered by the famous fashion photographer Suresh Natarajan when I accidentally walked onto a set where he was shooting. Soon, I was signed up for an ad shoot and went on to become the Kwality Wall’s girl. This was followed by many more ad assignments.

How did you land a role in Tandav and what attracted you towards your character?

All I had to do for the role was to appear for an audition and soon I was in the main cast. The character of Ayesha Pratap Singh, wife of Saif Ali Khan’s character in the series is very different from my real-life personality. That was one of the reasons that drew me towards the character.

What are your other passions in life and how do you spend your time when not working?

I am totally into holistic wellbeing, and I spend my time reading and researching about it. I have been reading about neuroplasticity and recently did an online course also on the subject. I am really fascinated by how the human mind works. At some point, I would love to be a certified fitness coach.

What are your upcoming projects?

It’s a fashion interview show for Myntra. More details to follow soon!

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