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The key to start your own casting agency!
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The success of any film totally depends on the cast, apart from story and direction. It is the responsibility of casting agents to find the actors whose personality goes with the script. Nobody can deny the fact how important the role of a casting director is and that is why they are called the unsung heroes of our film industry.

From auditioning artists to shortlisting them and finally offering them the desired role, casting agents are involved in each stage of a film’s production. If you are also planning to give your career a break into casting then here are some tips through which you can start your own casting agency;

The first and foremost rule of being one of the top most casting agents is to have experience. To set up a casting agency you need to have working knowledge of the entertainment industry. This can be achieved by assisting some famous casting director or you can choose a small budget movie to cast, just to begin your career.

When you are in the field of casting, what matters most is your database. Casting agents are known for their huge database of actors, so you should start creating one for yourself as to provide actors for films, theatres and commercials.

Quality over quantity matters in almost every field and same is the case with casting agents. While you are planning to start you own casting agency, you need to find a great talent who can represent your agency. Not having the right artists on your roster will not only give your agency a bad reputation but it will also make impossible to get clients to hire any artist from your agency.

Be professional when it comes to work. You might have very good camaraderie with your artists but if they misbehave on the sets with the clients or co-stars or are unprofessional then you can start letting them go. You cannot afford to be in the bad books of casting world.

Regular auditions is the key to success for casting agents. You should always conduct auditions and invite talents for submitting their portfolios at least once a week. This will help you to get some fresh and raw faces and you never know who might become the next rising star.

Apart from understanding the functions of an entertainment industry, it is recommended for a casting agent to have some negotiation skills as well. This will help to deal with your clients when it comes to pay scales and benefits.

Go digital with the online platforms like talentrack where you can find talents according to the roles. India’s leading talent hiring platform, talentrack works as a bridge between recruiters and talents. All you have to do is register as a recruiter on the platform, post your requirement and here it is! You will receive job applications and you can contact the talent directly. This process will ease your work load of hunting talents each day.

Networking is another great source to have talents and clients at the same time. Try to attend as many events and parties of the industry to get in touch with artists, filmmakers and inform them about your agency and work. You never know which contact might work and you will be casting for the biggest blockbuster of the year!

Lastly, before starting your own casting agency you should learn the basics of acting. This is important to justify your role as a casting agent. You will be able to pick best characters for different role only when you have the depth knowledge of the characters.

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