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Playing with words, penning down imaginations and sharing thoughts with the world is the most beautiful thing any writer experiences. While some people write occasionally as it interests them, some take their passion too seriously and decide to take it forward as a long-term career.

There are many options to go with if you are looking for writer jobs and here we have listed a few;

When you are into creative writing then nothing can beat the experience of writing for plays. Be a part of theatre groups or institutions where they organise plays or skits and show your skills. Writing for plays, scenes or an act can be considered if you are looking for writer jobs.

As most of the people are crazy about actors and acting world, you too can be a part of this glamour world by writing for movies. Join some production houses if you are looking for writer jobs and write for their projects. You will know the actual value of your writing when you see actors representing your thoughts and imaginations.

In movies, another option for writer jobs is screenplay. You need to write detailed script for each scene which can be fun to work on. Also, sometimes you will be required to write dialogues too.

Freelancing is by far the best option when it comes to writer jobs. Other than blogging or web content, you can work for a magazine as a freelancer. Try to write articles on subjects that interests you the most and send them to different magazines of the same genre. If they find your work too good to publish then here you go!

Another form of writing which is trending now-a-days which also could be considered for writer jobs is ghost writing. It is non-by-lined writing or an article with someone else’s name. You need to write an article for a blog or website or magazine but someone else will take the credit. Here you will not receive any recognition for your work but you will earn a lot of money out of it.

For all those creative people looking out for writer jobs, radio is one of the best options. You can work with a radio station and write for their shows, jingles, campaigns and work closely with the creative team. This way, you will learn a lot about this creative field and gain experience too.

You can also be a part of India’s fastest growing community for media and entertainment, talentrack by registering your profile and uploading some of your work. When you apply for writer jobs on talentrack, you will receive a direct call from the recruiter if your profile gets shortlisted.

While searching for writer jobs, don’t forget that this is your passion and you will always have to work hard to create some masterpieces. As said by great novelist, E.L. Doctorow, “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”.

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