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Dhruv Interview Talentown

The writer and creator of ‘Little Things’, Dhruv Sehgal opens up about Little Things 2 and what’s all in pipeline.

What new shades of relationship can we expect to see in Little Things 2?
While the first season was about the two central characters – Dhruv & Kavya, the second season delves into their interactions with the world at large. There’s a turn in their relationship as they start thinking about themselves and their individual pursuits.

How’s the partnership with Netflix shaping up? What’s in store?
It’s been a very exciting and symbiotic relationship where both parties have a say in the matter and we mutually agree upon what’s best for the content. Essentially, we are a company of storytellers which is open to all kind of opportunities as we wish to tell all kind of stories.

What piece of advice would you give to the people who are starting out as content-writers?
The biggest advice to any aspiring writer is to start writing instead of just thinking about it. This is the best time to be a part of the industry as there are tons of opportunities. It’s very important for a writer to be versatile, especially for someone who is just starting out.

What are you working on currently? What kind of work do you want to do?
Currently, I am learning how to cook, and I am writing something every day. I have notes in my diary which may take any form, I don’t know yet.

Favourites –

TV Series: The Office
Sports Team: Arsenal
Movie: Sideways
Writer: Arun Joshi

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